Encoded is the agent for the Witloft collection of leather aprons in Denmark.

Please take contact to us if you like to become a dealer in Denmark. You can also buy the beautiful collection in our showroom on Ny Carlsberg Vej 150 in Copenhagen or visit our webshop http://www.codeandshape.com 


WITLOFT started in a little garden shed in Amsterdam. At that time Frank followed a woodworking course as a hobby, at which he wore one of their old welding aprons for protection. As soon as he put on that apron he got into a work mode, he felt motivated and passionate. But he couldn’t help thinking, this apron can be so much better, more beautiful and more functional. So he went looking for a leather apron, but couldn’t find one. That’s how he started WITLOFT in 2014.

He made the first WITLOFT apron out of a rough piece of leather, which was great for personal use. He went on to design, fine-tune and produce the WITLOFT brand. Since then WITLOFT evolved into a great collection of not only aprons, but also other leather items like knife rolls, placemats and bags.

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