Encoded is a Danish designed furniture and interior brand that embraces natural aesthetics.
We create an uniquely designed collection that is shaped and crafted by hand.

Encoded was founded in 2008 by Trine Bøttger.
After several years on Bali Trine Bøttger’s passion for the handcrafted and aesthetics
started to grow. 
She returned to Denmark to design a collection
with a classic and timeless elegance made by hand and heart.

Lone Husted, who founded the company Code & Shape became partner in Encoded in 2016.
Both Trine and Lone’s passion for Danish design, handcraft and authenticity turned out to be
a perfect match and they have now merged all activities in Encoded and Code & Shape.



Crafts, quality and aesthetics

Even though Encoded is now growing fast the management in Encoded stick to the philosophy
of making great artwork with the heart. Most of the collection is made locally on Bali but designed in Denmark.
We could chase cheaper and large scale production, but this is not what we aim at in Encoded.

Uniqueness is for us a collection created by hand and heart in combination with trust and
long term commitment for the benefit of the people working so hard to fulfill all our expectations.

We are very conscious about the quality of the materials we use, their durability, the timelessness of the pieces and the conditions in which they are manufactured.

The people we work with are the essence of our work, we care that they are paid properly and that they are treated in a correct manner according to our standard.

Throughout the production chain, our partners secure that the teak wood is properly certified. 

We want to inspire consumers and engage people in sustainable thinking, by making design that matters in a sustainable way.

We strive at showing a collection which reflects this way of thinking.


Encoded combines the sleek lines of Danish design with the workmanship of skilled Bali artisans
to create a furniture collection made of braided cow leather, recycled safety belts and untreated teakwood.

The designs are truly unique items with character and an urban look expressing authenticity and honesty.

We are inspired by the raw and unique nature and focus on craftsmanship which results
in designs with individuality and a long-lasting design with an edge.


Encoded design studio is the physical showroom

of the Encoded brand. It is our headquarter and here we love to

show you our universe. It is a showroom open to architects, whole sellers and consumers.

Ongoing events and other

designers selected by Encoded are also a part of our showroom.

Opening hours March:

Thursday: 11-18 pm

Friday: 11-15 pm

Saturday: 10-14 pm

Or call Trine on mobile number: +45 26340110 for an appointment